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Slider drone flute

Slider drone flute

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Slider drone flute

NB! Slider drone flute on the picture is illustrative.
Colour tone and final outlook of flute may vary.
Please be advised that it is taking up to 30-90 days to fulfil the order.

Holes: 5 holes
Tuning: pentatonic minor scale, 432 hz or 440 hz
Style: Native American

Keys sound examples for 440hz tuning for single flutes (to have some idea about sound).
432 hz is little bit lower in tone (more bass).

What you get?

When making flutes, I use different wood that has dried for at least 3 years and has a moisture content around 8%.

The most used wood is maple, ash, birch, cherry, aspen, linden, spruce.
Sometimes also more exotic woods like mahogany.

Which wood can be chosen depends on the size of the flute as well as on what wood I have in stock.

For larger flutes lighter woods such as spruce, aspen and linden are usually used. To make it easier for the player to hold the flute while playing.

Color shade
By default, the flute is pitched according to my gut feeling.
But when you place the order, you can describe which shade you prefer (e.g. natural wood, coffee brown, ocean blue, etc.)

The inner and outer parts of the flute are finished as follows:
- 2 layers with OSMO oil
- 2 coats of Le Tonkinois varnish
All finishing materials used are food safe.

A Halbach brand artificial leather strip is used to bind the flute block, which is 100% vegan.

Slider cover
U-shaped cover made of wood. On the 2 inner sides, synthetic gaskets are installed, which seal the holes of the flute

A bag for the flute
Currently not available (under development). A cheaper option is to buy, for example, a tripod bag of suitable length from a photo shop.

All holes in a flute are tuned to play a specific note in the open position. This means that basic tuning is guaranteed.
The pressure I use for tuning is about 10 mbar.

Dimensions of the flute
Its depends on the key of the flute
Length 30 - 100 cm (12 - 40 inches)
Height (without block) 2.8 - 3.5 cm (1.10 - 1.3 in)
Height (with block) 5 - 6 cm (1.9 - 2.4 in)
Width 6 - 7 cm (2.36 - 2.8 in)

Playing modes

With slider drone flute is possible to choose playing mode easily when you playing:

- single flute mode
playing only right side

- classical drone flute mode
playing melody on right side and base note on left side

- harmony drone flute mode 
(playing higher notes on right side and lower notes left side simultaneously )

- boost  harmony drone flute mode 
(playing lower notes on both sides simultaneously )

How to learn to play Slider drone flute

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